Greetings, humans. It has been far too long since we last spoke. I apologize for my absence—I was under the impression that anti-vaxxers had everything under control and that the world was on the verge of a massive health revolution. Just kidding, of course—I actually discovered that I hate nearly all forms of social media, particularly those that involve me opening my big, fat mouth about controversial subjects and inviting all kinds of weirdos into my life to dissect and question my incredible opinion. I don’t mind the hate at all for some reason. I was BORN to be hated—a good tattoo if I ever decided to get one, but you know what? I won’t get a tattoo. I prefer to leave my body completely natural, as God intended it, without modifications—external or internal, if I can help it. I’m sure my diet is offensive enough without adding anything else to the mix.

Regardless, I am back because we would appear to be in a very bad place, would we not? For those of us who tried to sound the alarm about a dystopian future filled with mandatory vaccines—excuse me, mandatory gene therapy shots—our worst fears are coming true before our eyes. People are dropping like flies, taking the Pfizer or Moderna mark in hopes they will be spared—not from the disease, but spared from social stigma, travel restrictions, or the ability to live their lives “freely.” I don’t know about you, but I’ve had some incredibly depressing days over the last few months as friends and family—all of whom should have known better—jumped in line to get “the shot” as they are calling it, some of whom admitted to shedding tears of joy they were so happy. None of the things I warned them about could possibly outweigh the contagion of peer pressure and group think. “But everyone else is doing it,” they might say. “How could I refuse?”

If you take a look around, EVERYONE else seems to be rolling up their sleeves, don’t they? There seems to be so few of us who are refusing the shot. Probably even fewer of us who have refused to wear masks. Are any of you out there? Are there any of us left—us crude, primitive, natural human beings who’d prefer their genetic composition not be monkeyed with? We are going to have to start finding each other, and soon. I hope you realize that. The vaccine passport thing is already being rolled out for international travel and I’ve seen a lot of talk about using it for other things—concerts, restaurants, even church services! Israel’s requiring international visitors to wear a special bracelet and we will be lucky to even travel in our car out of state before the end of the year. This train has NO brakes on it, if you haven’t already figured that out. There is likely NOTHING that will stop it from going into Crazy Town territory very soon. If you don’t already see that, then you might as well stop listening to me. I will certainly be a waste of your time.

So where are you? How can we do this? I’ve joked in the past about something I call the Amish 2.0—a self-sustaining community of like-minded folks who reject the synthetic existence the bad guys would prefer us live, but I think we’re actually going to have to separate. Think of it like the Amish, but with electricity and minivans. I’m serious. If you are committed to refusing this—and other—vaccines, you will be completely barred from freely participating in society. And that’s if things go well. If they go bad, well then, there are knocks on the door from people who you didn’t ask over for dinner. And we don’t want to go there.

We are going to have to band together soon. Like physically move together. Become best friends. Form communities. School co-ops. Grocery stores. Churches. Health care. What happens when you get sick a year from now? What happens when your child breaks a bone and once you get to the hospital, they ask to see your vaccine passport? Your child’s vaccine passport? Oh, you want to come inside with them? Both of you are going to need to get your coronavirus shot first. Don’t worry—it’s completely safe. You want it in your left or right arm?

What do you do then? What do we do? You want to deliver your baby in the hospital? You want your teenager to go to college? You want to renew your driver’s license? You want a gun permit? You want to vote? We have to prepare for this now. Go ugly early, I’ve always said, and unfortunately, it is already very late, and we are not nearly ugly enough.

It gets worse, too. Vaccines aren’t our only problem. We have many other issues as a nation, as a species, actually, that don’t bode well for a peaceful existence for many of us. For those of us who call ourselves Christians, we have become a target for our beliefs. Men—particularly white men—have become a scapegoat for nearly all the world’s problems. If you happen to fall into this category—and are a board-certified antivaxxer like myself—you can imagine that speaking out against these things is going to get you far worse than “de-platformed.”

But NO ONE seems to be talking about these things. Vaccines, for sure—there are many of you who have been fighting for years and years non-stop and we are all so thankful for that. I’m talking about the other stuff that goes along with it—how our faith is mocked. How our race and gender are constantly villainized. I’ve kept mostly silent over the past few years as I’ve seen things spiral downward, but they are now officially just outside the gates to Crazy Town, and I can’t be silent anymore. I’m going to start talking truthfully and honestly about where I think we went wrong and what it’s going to take to fix things. I will no doubt be attacked more relentlessly than I ever have. You may realize YOU actually hate me. Many of you have supported me from the beginning of my speaking out several years ago and I’m sorry if we’re not aligned on these other things. Regardless, someone somewhere has to start this conversation sooner than later or else we will have nothing left worth fighting for.

So please, subscribe to this site with your email so that I can keep you informed once we have a beautiful mountain villa picked out and are all packing up and moving. Also, if what I am saying aligns with where some of your friends or family may be on these issues, please share a particular video or post with them and ask them to sign up for email alerts. I am going to be speaking extremely candidly and I think it will be offensive to some. Hopefully, it will help us all begin to build a picture of how we can shape a future together—one that is free of pharmaceutical intervention and a tyrannical government. It may seem impossible that we could pull off something like this, but I assure you, it’s not. People have done this before. We may have to do it now. And that that is my incredible opinion.

The author disavows all violence—political, racial, and otherwise. Do not use any My Incredible Opinion® material or videos to inspire you or anyone else to commit violence. Instead, persuade and convince with nice words.