Whose side are you on? Do you know where you stand? Our country is in the midst of splitting right now. If you are not preparing for serious change in what you thought was your life’s trajectory right now, you should probably start thinking about what the future is going to look like. The likelihood that coronavirus vaccines will dictate what you can and cannot do is not a theoretical question anymore—it is a given. And you and I and anyone else who will not be taking these vaccines need to start thinking about how we can live in peace and security in the near and far future.

So far, I’ve made it without wearing a mask a single time—not because I’m walking around causing a scene, but because I just haven’t had to go any place where I’ve had to wear one. I’m not sure I’d wear them even if they did work, but regardless, it hasn’t been fun. My concealed carry permit is up for renewal and I wrote a letter to the sheriff asking them if I could come in early, or late, or figure out a way to do it remotely—so that I wouldn’t have to wear a mask. I told them about the Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates, which says that it’s up to the lower government authority to protect the rights of their citizens should they be abused by a higher authority (such as the state or federal governments). The local sheriff was extremely understanding and kind but ultimately was unable to accommodate me. So, my American 2nd amendment right—the right to bear arms which shall not be infringed—is being infringed. I may be unable to renew my conceal carry permit unless something changes with the mask situation.

If I had to go to the hospital, I’d obviously have to wear a mask. If I had to go to a funeral or wedding of someone I loved, I might have to wear a mask. Otherwise, I haven’t worn one yet and don’t plan to. So, I’m trying to keep people alive for now. Or from falling in love. Just kidding. Get married kids. Have lots of children. You can always be alone and unhappy later.

The vaccine is a different story. I will not be taking the coronavirus vaccine, willingly at least. If someone tries to make me—which they probably won’t—I will fight. I will resist. With force, violence, and mean words if necessary. Same for my family and for many of my friends, who feel similarly about masks and vaccines. I won’t even submit to testing—mainly out of spite for the idiots in control of our government and health departments but also because I don’t care if I get it or not. I will stay out of harm’s way if I’m sick just as I would with any other infection. Never mind the tests are useless indicators of anything other than someone sneezed funny a few weeks ago and it showed up on the Q-tip they shoved up your nose.

Besides possibly international travel, the government may not have to make the coronavirus vaccine mandatory. They can let all that fear percolate and sizzle and let corporations, who are terrified of lawsuits, do the dirty work for them. The government may not have to pass a single law. They can get their mandatory vaccines without lifting a finger, so to speak. Ratchet up the fear and hysteria high enough and the private sector will make your life so miserable if you don’t get the vaccine, it will have the net effect of making them mandatory. If you replace every mask mandate with a vaccine one, you have a picture of what things might look like.


We’re already seeing coronavirus vaccines being required for international travel. They want to use an app—it’s got to be digital for some reason. They don’t trust paper anymore. You can guarantee the vaccine passports will eventually become just “passports” before long and probably your driver’s license and your voter registration card and everything else, even your Jersey Mike’s Shore Points loyalty card. If you insist on getting your driver’s license renewed and aren’t vaccinated, well then you may have to wait until the one day a month they accommodate people like you, and you’ll have to pay the extra $75 sanitation charge to allow them to decontaminate the DMV offices before the regular people come back in on Monday. This restaurant recently featured a sign outside insisting you have two vaccines before you would be allowed inside.

This church has their sanctuary divided in half depending on whether you’ve had the vaccine or not. A harbinger of things to come, no doubt. Unless you’re smart and don’t believe in conspiracy theories. Ignorance is bliss.

It may sound like I’m joking but that’s probably because the whole thing is so depressing and it’s just a coping mechanism. The reality is coronavirus vaccines are here to stay and along with flu shots and many others, they will probably become more and more necessary in order for you to conduct your life normally. One of the main reasons I talk about these things is to forward the idea of a new community, a new county, city, or state, or whatever it ends up being. All of us—those of us who refuse to allow demonic pharmaceutical oligarchs to dictate our lives—we’re going to have to figure out another way to live. I hope you realize that. I’m not joking. Many of us are going to have to leave our families, our friends, our jobs, our churches, and many other things behind.

We are going to have to decide upon a new place to call home, cluster together geographically in such a way that we can circle the wagons and influence local government to the point that we can live peacefully, vote peacefully, drive our cars peacefully, and go to grocery stores and emergency rooms peacefully—without having to have their demonic vaccines. People have done this before. And we are going to have to do this soon. Start thinking about you and your children’s future without many of the comforts you are now used to, because we may need to do without for a while. This probably means Starbucks triple-shot cappuccinos. No Disney trips. No college for a while. We will be publicly shunned, hated, and humiliated. Are you ready for that? Can you handle that? We can, and we will.

You may hear me saying these things and think I’m being too dramatic. Crazy is often being right, but just too early. Everything always sounds crazy until it’s happening, then suddenly, it isn’t crazy anymore. Take a look at Israel if you want to see where this is going. Teenagers are being refused graduation from school if they don’t take the vaccine. People are being refused entry to theaters or restaurants. Visitors must wear tracking devices. This is happening now. Society is forking. We are splitting in two. I will refuse the vaccine for me and my family, no matter what. I will fight if I must. If you have taken the vaccine, unfortunately you are NOT on our side. You have chosen a different path. I can’t expect that you would fight for me and my family and won’t count you as an ally. It is unfortunate that this wedge has been dropped between family members and friends, but it’s always been this way during times of great conflict. People who thought they were allies found themselves across the battlefield from each other because of a decision they had made with no intention of choosing a side.

So just know this—If you choose the vaccine, you are not on our side. I don’t care if you have to do it to keep your job, or if it’s to save grandma and grandpa, or simply because you couldn’t stand the peer pressure of everyone around you getting it—no matter why you did it, you have chosen poorly. You are on the wrong side. That picture of your band-aid arm is you declaring your allegiance to pharma, inc. and you are going to have a very hard time finding people willing to protect you and your family from more vaccines when things get to that point. And that is my incredible opinion.

The author disavows all violence—political, racial, and otherwise. Do not use any My Incredible Opinion® material or videos to inspire you or anyone else to commit violence. Instead, persuade and convince with nice words.