Good day, my fellow human beings, fighting the fight against medical tyranny, government overreach, and progressive ridiculousness. There is so much to talk about these days and so little time, but I have to spend a few minutes updating you on a few vaccine-related matters. As I—and others—have predicted, a new variant of coronavirus has surfaced and provided the impetus for the fear merchants in public health to try and gain back what they’ve lost over the past few months as the lockdowns ended and mask mandates were lifted. (I was finally able to get my concealed carry permit renewed, by the way, and am again happily strapped with my Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9 millimeter).

Before I do that, I want to update you on a few anecdotal stories I have come across regarding coronavirus vaccine-related side effects. In the three to four months since most people started getting the vaccine, I have seen—this is just in my personal circle of acquaintances, mind you, not stuff I’ve read about online—I’ve seen someone fall out of their chair at the dinner table, “passed out” or having seizures, not sure which. Another person had to be hospitalized with a blood clot in their lung. Another person has developed extreme pain and has difficulty walking because of “something” going on behind their knee (most likely a clot). Someone else has developed the symptoms of Guillain-Barré syndrome. Another person has developed a swollen lymph node and swelling in their foot—both possible symptoms of a blood clot. Another acquaintance, someone under 35 years old, “fell down the stairs” and died. Yet another acquaintance under the age of 60 and in good health fell and was unable to catch themselves. And finally, another young person, a long-distance marathon runner type, has suddenly developed a heart problem that will likely require heart-valve replacement. These were all, relatively healthy people who had the coronavirus vaccine and within a month or two began developing these sorts of problems. I may have left some out, as I’m just doing this from memory, but regardless, this vaccine is obviously extremely dangerous—much more dangerous than I ever imagined. And needless to say, all of these people seem to have zero suspicions that their ailments may be related to the Covid shots. It is truly painful to watch.

“Why didn’t you say something to me?” they might ask you once they realize they’ve been duped. “I did,” I’ll say, “but you wouldn’t listen.”

“Well why didn’t you get in my face and scream at me not to do it?” they’ll ask. “You would’ve stopped listening to me altogether and would’ve completely cut me out of your life,” I’ll answer. But they won’t believe you, either way. They’ll swear they would have believed you if you would have told them, but the reality is they wouldn’t. You can make them hate you by trying and trying and trying to warn them but once they realize you are right, they’ll just hate you even more. Now you can see what God is up against. Unless you’re a Calvinist. In which case, you can see what Satan is up against, I suppose. Just kidding, Calvinists.

The vaccine propaganda is on full display. The Teletubbies, fictitious creatures though they may be, have all gotten vaccinated (and earned their creators about $100,000 in so doing, I’m guessing). The West Indies Women’s cricket team all got their Covid vaccines but unfortunately, two of them were not able to make it through their next match and keeled over—fainting, they’re calling it. Rhodes College is going to charge unvaccinated students a $3,000 fee, and the people who tell Joe Biden what to say are apparently putting out feelers about working with phone carriers to censor or flag your text messages—yes, your private text messages, with disclaimers and warnings if you say something about the coronavirus vaccine they don’t approve of.

I’ve been saying this for years now, but if you think you can play the middle on this issue, you are delusional. If you ever say anything that starts with “I’m not anti-vaccine, but…” you are a fool who probably also says things like “but I have black friends” and “but I don’t hate anyone” as your church, your home, and your possibility of leaving anything meaningful for your children burn to the ground.

TurningPoint USA, a supposedly conservative organization, is fuming mad about college students being required to get a coronavirus vaccine to attend school. So far, so good. They’ve launched a fight against mandating vaccines for college students. Awesome. Super excited. TurningPoint USA founder, Charlie Kirk in an interview: “I’m not anti-COVID vaccination, and I’m not pro-COVID vaccination—I’m COVID vaccine agnostic. But I am 100 percent against mandating this vaccination.”

Definitely not anti-Non-LGBTQ-Hating-Enablement

Well… that’s not exactly going to cut it, Mr. Kirk. I’m going to say this over and over for the next few years, I think. Peace takes two. War, only one. You can try to play nice and thread the needle and hope that no one hates you, but it won’t matter. If you do not support their agenda 100% completely, with no reservations, you are the enemy. You can genuflect all you want but it doesn’t make a lick of difference. Either you promote the vaccine as universal savior, or you are a danger to humanity. So, you can stop pandering and waffling and compromising and just embrace the truth—vaccines are unsafe and ineffective. They are more of a danger to humanity than anything cooked up in a Chinese lab so far and if you’re still living in a make-believe world where the polio vaccine and the smallpox vaccine saved humanity from certain destruction, I’m guessing you also believe that we’re all created equal, unicorns make the best pets, and loving your enemies always works.

As the new variant du jour makes it rounds—Delta, I believe they’re calling this most recent one—and it’s becoming obvious that in America there are A LOT of adults who will not be getting the coronavirus vaccine, the government health officials who believe that all nations should be subject to their medical whims and fancies are not happy. There’s growing talk of boosters, something we knew would happen. They are growing more angry and the call for mandatory vaccines is getting less whispery and more shoutery. I don’t know how this is going to play out, but as I’ve said before, I believe this issue will be the wedge that first divides the U.S. in two (or three or four). There are other issues of course, like racism and transgender-related things, that will fan the flames, but I think the first thing that will cause states to flat-out disregard or disobey federal law will be vaccine mandates.

I like to sport my “Good Luck with Your Vaccine” sticker on my truck and make fun of those lemmings who couldn’t recognize danger if they were being stuffed in a barrel on top of Niagara Falls but there’s going to be a point where even this kind of mockery isn’t funny anymore. I think things may get just that bad with the vaccine and the declining health of those people who got it. If you haven’t gotten a COVID vaccine yet, count yourself extremely lucky. You may be in the minority, but at least you haven’t joined that exclusive club from which there may be no escape. And that is my incredible opinion.

The author disavows all violence—political, racial, and otherwise. Do not use any My Incredible Opinion® material or videos to inspire you or anyone else to commit violence. Instead, persuade and convince with nice words.