There is no such thing as being “fully vaccinated.” There has never been such a thing as fully vaccinated, and as far as I can tell, no one will ever be fully vaccinated.

The term “fully vaccinated” has taken on an interesting bit of baggage over the past few months. Have you noticed? It’s not enough to tell someone you’re vaccinated—you have to say “fully” vaccinated with all the emphasis you might use to tell someone your dog is a RESCUE. Did you catch that? My dog is a RESCUE.

Vaccines have always had a very hard time imitating that incredible trick of our immune system—protecting you from an infection FOREVER. The first childhood vaccine ever used en masse was the Diphtheria shot—back in the 1920s and 1930s. It was thought that by injecting a modified version of the toxin the diphtheria bacteria produce, your body would create antibodies to it and if you got an infection naturally, you’d have a head start. Like all vaccines, this is CHEATING and because your body didn’t actually get a diphtheria infection, the effect of the vaccine ended up wearing off quickly. They assumed you’d only need one shot because as in nature, you only needed one infection to develop immunity. But unfortunately, it didn’t work out that way and because any protection the diphtheria vaccine provided (which was miniscule) faded quickly, they told parents their children would need another shot.

Two shots, and that will do the trick! Two shots, and your children will be fully vaccinated against diphtheria. That’s what they told them. Like many other childhood vaccines, they’ve since upped that number several times and I think we’re at 5, maybe 6 for some of them. You are not “fully vaccinated” until you get 5 injections of a vaccine, but don’t worry—once you hit that 5th dose, the protection is incredible. Nothing will be able to stop you!

The same thing happened with the Pertussis aka Whooping Cough shot and the Tetanus shot, which were combined along with the Diphtheria shot. They didn’t work very well, or very long, and so the number of injections you had to get to be fully vaccinated went up. The same thing happened with the first polio vaccine. It worked horribly, so they started upping the number of doses some poor kid had to get to be considered fully vaccinated. Up and up the doses went, with no real improvement in the amount of protection the polio vaccine provided. I think today in some places in India they give children the oral polio vaccine every month. On and on the madness goes.

Humans are interesting creatures and because hope springs eternal, will always do what their doctor says if they think their children’s lives are in danger and that a syringe can protect them.

A similar thing is starting to happen with the Coronavirus vaccines. Like most viruses, the coronavirus is mutating—no big surprise there—and like any vaccine, the effectiveness of the original design is far worse than what they would like to believe. Even worse for the variants that are beginning to circulate. If you have natural immunity, as many do, your body has already developed a broad-spectrum protection and will likely handle these variants without any problem. Unfortunately, the vaccine apparently has a nasty way of creating a very narrow protection that may make your body more susceptible to harm from the new variants.

So what’s a person to do? Well, until they can develop a vaccine for these new variants, you might as well get another shot, right? Two doses will no longer be “fully vaccinated.” Fully vaccinated will be three doses. Or four. Possibly five. At least one in the last 6 months. Possibly one in the last 3 months. Fully vaccinated will need to be rebranded as “topped off” and so long as you’re “topped off,” you may feel free to move about the cabin.

Vaccines have never been able to do what your immune system can do. Forget all the neurological problems, the autoimmune conditions, the allergies, etc. that vaccines can cause. They don’t work very well at all. Most of them bypass the route of natural infection (through injection) and don’t create any lasting immunity at all. Many of them seem to work less and less effectively each time you get another. Your body learns the trick and may work to prevent the vaccine from working—just as if it were an infection. Vaccines are infections, in their own special way, and your body may be working to defeat whatever it is vaccines are trying to accomplish. Wouldn’t that be something?

If you know anyone who believes they are fully vaccinated against coronavirus, feel free to tell them they’re going to need to be topped off in the next couple of months or they may not be able to travel or go see Foo Fighters until they are. Two shots is not going to be enough. Neither will three, or four. The apps and vaccine passports will need to be updated to show your coronavirus injections like frequent flyer miles. Or… you can forget about all the variants. You can forget about the statistics. Instead, you can trust your immune system, and you and your family will be “fully healthy.” And that is my incredible opinion.

Fully healthy
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