What. Just. Happened!? We've overtaken them, that's what! Our petition just EXPLODED in the last few hours and we now have over 11,200 signatures—400 MORE than theirs.

I'm telling you guys—you have NO IDEA how big this movement has become in the last few years because of all of YOUR work. Every little conversation, meme, link, scientific paper, snarky comeback, and refusal to back down all of you have been doing over the past couple of years (decades for some of you) is WORKING—BIG TIME! The media is doing everything they can to paint us as a tiny fringe movement that doesn't care about our children or their health and we all know we are just the opposite. Our numbers are growing by the day, and those who have mocked us for so long are about to have a truth bomb dropped in their front yard!

All of your efforts are starting to pay off NOW. People are going to get very nasty as they fight back. Things are going to get banned and censored and removed and shut down. DON'T WORRY! It's just human nature to resist such a profound shift in thinking. It is a sign that our efforts are WORKING! The truth will always win. Dark to light.

Sit back tonight and try to enjoy this little victory—one of MANY more to come. Thank you so much for everyone who shared this petition and got other people to sign it. What a powerful testimony to how many our numbers are!

This is just the beginning. Hang on to your hats! Sign up for alerts from me if you haven't already—link in the comments!