If you are a woman watching this video and your husband or future husband or soon-to-be-ex-husband is not, I want you to drag him kicking and screaming in front of your phone or computer—he must listen to this message. Most men are failing in their number one job right now and I want to call us, meaning all men, out on it. I want them to understand how important it is that we start taking our roles as men seriously. It is literally a life and death situation.

Are all the men here yet? Okay? Good. If you haven't been watching any of these videos, you probably haven't heard me ranting about how our culture's obsession with equality is ruining everything. I am here to affirm what was once completely obvious: everyone is different. Men and women are different. Old and young are different. Boys and girls, Asians and Mexicans, Blacks and Whites—we are all different. I'm not talking about an individual level, though we are certainly different there. I'm talking about at a group level. These groups of people are different from each other—not just visibly, but in many other ways. At least half the world currently pretends this isn't true, and the policies and laws they are enacting are causing all sorts of problems.

Okay, if you can accept the fact that everyone is different, you're halfway there. Here's the other obvious fact many people are ignoring: if you are a man, it is your number one job to provide safety and security for your family. It is NOT the most important thing to be a missionary and spread the gospel, no matter how passionately you feel about your faith. It is NOT to have a high-paying job and make lots of money, no matter how smart you are. It is to provide safety and security for your family. This doesn't happen because you're smart or have money or prestige. This happens when your family can wake up each day feeling that their needs are going to be provided for—by YOU. And this happens when your family wakes up each day in a NATION that will help provide this.

Eric Sloane, American painter

Throughout the Bible, there are two promises mentioned over and—bargaining chips that God used to reward people who did what he asked. 1) Lots of descendants. And 2) A great nation. These are the two universal desires of nearly every human on the planet. I'm not talking about you. I'm talking about everyone else. Most everyone wants children and a safe community in which they can raise them, grow old and experience life full of joy. And so God used the promise of these two things to help steer his creation in the right direction.

Modern society has done a good job at convincing people they don't really want or need children. That a family is some outdated way of living that can't bring as much joy as posting that trip to Thailand or that new animal you "rescued" from the shelter. This is a horrible direction we've gone in the last few decades and part of the reason I'm speaking out is to help remind young men and women that starting and raising a family is the most meaningful, joyful thing you can possibly do.

Unfortunately, as we've tried to humiliate anyone who expresses a desire to have a family, especially a large family, modern culture has also tried to convince people that nations aren't necessary. That they are a relic of a bygone era. For those of us who have grown up with the privilege of being American, it's hard to understand the joy having a stable nation provides. The majority of humans have never experienced this kind of nation. They may have been nomads, wandering in search of food for their animals or to escape marauding attackers. They may have lived in the same place but lived under the iron thumb of a dictator who could take any of their property from them whenever he pleased. There are all kinds of ways people have lived throughout human history and I can guarantee you, those lucky enough to have lived within a stable nation were probably the happiest.

Here's the most important part, men. Children can happen by accident. Nations cannot. A strong, stable nation that provides freedom and liberty for its citizens through law and order and a carefully constructed design that prevents any one person from acquiring too much power is NOT an accident. It doesn't just happen. There's a reason America had never happened before. It took a very special group of people at a very special moment in history to risk everything they had to create what we have been able to enjoy. It was an incredible sequence of events that led to America being successful.

Unfortunately, just as the founders of our country predicted, America is falling apart. All of those things which we were warned would lead to the end of America are happening right in front of us. And us men are doing nothing about it. We are sitting in our recliners on a Saturday, watching football. Keeping the grass mowed. Teaching Sunday School. Going to a job we hate and earning enough money to keep milk in the fridge. There is nothing wrong with any of these things, so long as our families have a stable nation to wake up to every morning. If they don't have that, then we are failing our one job. And gentlemen, we are failing our one job. We are letting this nation slip away with no plan or idea how to restore or rebuild it.

And don't go moping around like you can't do anything and you're a failed husband or father because of this. I'm telling you right now to start fixing things. This is what you were literally born to do. You were born to fix this problem. Just as sure as you were born to love and one day have a family of your own, you were born to provide a nation for your family and their descendants. Women have a maternal instinct that makes them natural caretakers. Men have a paternal instinct to build nations that has been squashed and suppressed for too long. That time is over. Now. So stop feeling sorry for yourself and this or that missed opportunity or mistake.

I want you to start taking your job as the head of your household, or the future head of a household, seriously. You are responsible for this. Men and women are different, and it is YOUR job to ensure your family has a stable nation to wake up to. Without a stable nation, there will be fighting, conflict, food shortages, famine, despair, and death. The world is a very tough environment to raise a family. Our cushy lives in America have shielded us from the hardships most humans have had to deal with. But we are losing this nation. It is likely already a done deal. As men, we have to start taking seriously our call to provide a nation for our families. There may be more children on the way, and that's a good thing. But without a nation for them, their lives may be extremely difficult. So start paying attention. Start doing your job. Now. And that is my incredible opinion.

The author disavows all violence—political, racial, and otherwise. Do not use any My Incredible Opinion® material or videos to inspire you or anyone else to commit violence. Instead, persuade and convince with nice words.