No video or audio this week, friends.

I wrote several months ago about how the world was forking—how you can divide most of humanity in half by asking them if they think if everyone was created equal, or if everyone was created differently. Where you fall on this one question can explain nearly all of the political strife and spiritual battles that are happening across the world right now.

I’m sure you’ve seen the latest vaccine discrimination orders popping up throughout the world. Slovenia, Latvia, Austria, and soon Germany (and possibly Czechoslovakia) are segregating the unvaccinated away from everyone else. Keeping them from public spaces, public services, and even gas stations in some cases. The worst things people like me were warning about years ago are now coming true. You can take your conspiracy hats off now. Crazy is just being right too early. And now that the time has arrived, I suppose we can no longer consider ourselves crazy.

I must confess this is all happening more quickly than I imagined. I thought it might take ten or twenty years but here we are, and except for the vaccine police strapping you down to a gurney and forcing injections into your body, all the dystopian nightmares we’ve envisioned appear to be coming true. That’s not good, obviously. But I’m hoping I can give you a little bit of hope. Possibly a lot of hope.

I’ve been a bit quiet lately here and on social media. Like a lot of you, I’ve been trying to figure out where things are going and try and stay one step ahead of the game. It’s not easy, but besides the timing of everything, I feel like my predictions have been mostly right about what was going to happen. Almost two and a half years ago I said that vaccines would be the wedge that splits this country apart and it’s looking like that might be the case.

Vaccine passports will, in all likelihood, morph into something far beyond any health-specific measure. This isn’t a prediction of mine, but something many people are talking about. In the same way that nature abhors a vacuum, those in government and other power brokers abhor freedom. Freedom, to them, represents a vacuum of power, something they must fill with mandates, dictates, and executive orders. And so it goes. Police are now roaming Austria, checking people’s QR codes on their phone to verify this or that person is considered “clean” enough to be out in public.

I’m especially concerned because the technology is in place to enable tyranny and oppression in ways the history books have never come close to. Tracking your physical whereabouts is the least of ways in which they may try to control you. Who you can talk to, visit with, even what you can buy or sell—all things up for grabs by those who seek to control you. With the combined efforts of governments and banks to digitize money, you’ll never truly have possession of a penny of what you are able to earn—it will all be controlled by them.

To add to the problem, we live in a feminized culture where fear and the promise of safety drive how nearly all decisions are made. Not to mention a complicit mass media machine that is working overtime to help drive fear higher and higher—something which is still working well. Mask mandates were recently lifted in the county I live in and just today I was inside the grocery store where nearly everyone was still wearing masks. I try to make eye contact with the emasculated men walking around in shame but they won’t even look at me. It’s really pitiful.

Many of you have probably lost your jobs already and are unsure what to do next. I’m in the same boat. I’ve been told I will be fired at the beginning of the new year. I was offered a religious exemption, but in the end, I couldn’t accept it. Besides being unwilling to get tested weekly (or at all), I couldn’t stomach being complicit in the charade in any way. I’m opposed to vaccines for a million reasons, and I don’t need permission from anyone or anything to refuse them. I realize some of you had to opt for the exemption and I won’t judge you for whatever decision you made. For me, my conscious wouldn’t allow for it.

So where to next? I mentioned months ago how we were going to have to separate from the “others” and form our own communities—actual physical groups of us who can support each other and recreate many of the things that have been taken from us. I just got an email from the state symphony, something my family enjoyed going to several times a year. We don’t travel much, but we made up for it with music concerts. But now, we can’t. We are unclean—unable to attend a single concert without a vaccine or all of us taking tests within 72 hours of a performance. You see these things happening all around the world but sometimes, it really hits home. Being forbidden to attend music concerts is one of those things that really stings.

And so, we will form a new symphony. It will be more beautiful than anything they could ever perform. We will form a choir. And it will make the angels weep. We will build new cathedrals and town halls and other things that negate every ugly and wicked thing they have tried to foist upon us.

Some of you have gotten in touch with me over and let me know you were serious about connecting with other believers with the possibility of forming just such a community. I was anxious to get something started but was waiting to see which ways certain states would go. However, given the speed at which many things are developing, I feel like we may need to move things along faster than I originally planned for.

I’ve been in touch with a couple of other groups of Christians who have already started forming these tribes in different areas of the country. It’s impossible to know right now where the best place to move is. I’m concerned about food supply issues, social unrest, and a hundred other things, but I can’t predict which geographic area will best ensure our survival. We are likely to pick a county that borders several other states—something which will hopefully provide a small escape hatch to secede into a more favorable state should the need arise. Unfortunately, with the increase in federal power grabs, the particulars of this or that state may matter less than it should.

In the coming weeks, I’m hoping—emphasis on hoping—to launch a new website to help you and your family find one of these communities. My hope is to help get many of these communities started and connected with Christians who are willing to move and make drastic changes to their lifestyle. I will be leading one of these tribes, but hopefully there will be many others.

I’ve often said this will be like the Amish 2.0, and I hope you can start to see that I was serious. Many of us are going to have to move. We are going to have to leave friends and family behind to form new communities, new tribes, where our faith is treasured and our beliefs are respected. Our children will marry, and we will form new families. Some communities may try to be completely self-sufficient, while others may be more integrated. Some tribes may have a particular set of beliefs that interest you—I’m interested in the absence of social media, for instance. Regardless, keep listening and make sure you’re on my email list (if you got this article via email, you already are) or follow me on Twitter(@forrestmaready) or Gab(@fo). I hope to make an announcement about this thing very soon.

While the notion of moving into a new community is stressful, I know that it must happen. I know that great joy and contentment lies on the other side. Most importantly, I know that God may be glorified more fully by us rejecting the wickedness of the world and placing our faith in him—so that he would provide for us and our families in a way we’ve never experienced. And that is my incredible opinion.

The author disavows all violence—political, racial, and otherwise. Do not use any My Incredible Opinion® material or videos to inspire you or anyone else to commit violence. Instead, persuade and convince with nice words.