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Today is August 10th, the second year of our Lord Protector Fauci's gain-of-function-driven pandemic and the world has gone mad. Lots of interesting things going on, of course: vaccine passports, mandatory vaccines, booster shots, and lots and lots of protests—hundreds of thousands in France, England, Italy, and other countries.

I had no idea there were so many anti-vaxxers in the world. They may insist they are not anti-vaccine but as you know, you are either FOR them or AGAINST them and if you suggest that forcing a medical procedure against their will is perhaps a bad idea, well then, you are AGAINST them and that makes you an anti-vaxxer. There are only two sides in war unfortunately. You can play Switzerland and sit out for a while, but eventually, it will come for you and yourn.

These huge protests have sprung up across Europe because they are making vaccines mandatory to participate in society. Currently, you can get tested to prove you’re not infected, but I think you have pay for it yourself and do it every few days. No telling how much money those people will be making but for a vaccine that apparently is incapable of preventing the spread of a viral infection, it’s strange to force people to take an injected medicine that may or may not prevent them from suffering the microbe’s worst effects.

Notice that I said “medicine,” rather than gene therapy—the term I had been using for these injections. I think it may help people understand the futility of what they’re doing if they realize these injections are just medicine. They clearly have little hope of having any real long-lasting effects, and if boosters are going to be required less than 6 months after the initial dose, vaccine is the last word I would use to describe these things. Now I realize that “medicine” insinuates you can stop taking them and eventually have everything go back to normal—something we’re not positive will happen. Regardless, describing these Moderna and Pfizer injections as “experimental medicines” rather than gene therapy may hammer home how poorly they actually work.

Not to insinuate that I care about people who have taken these injections under duress or regret their decision. I am done trying to convince anyone not to take them. I had a few months early on this year where I would engage with people about whether the vaccines were worth it or not but at this point, I have really lost all sympathy for those who have taken the shot. I always score real high on the empathy or sympathy parts of personality tests, too. I have extremely high empathy and sympathy—something which makes me working as a manager of other people a potentially bad choice (and the reason psychopaths fare well as CEOs). So for me to have essentially lost nearly all vaccine-related concern for these people says a lot about how far gone I believe them to be. They will never admit that you were right, and even if they were able to, it would just make them hate you all the more. Read “When Prophecy Fails” if you want to know more regarding what I’m talking about.

I think this partly a coping mechanism on my part, as many people very close to me have taken the shot without asking me a single question about them. For someone who has spent years researching and writing books about this particular topic, it might feel like a real stab to be so completely ignored on this topic. But I don’t feel that way. It’s just an empty sadness. The battle was lost long ago. Whatever your TV says, right? That and your doctor! If they’re both saying the vaccine is remarkably effective and completely safe, well then, you’d be a fool not to take it. I’d like to think they’ll learn their lesson one day but I’m not even sure that’s possible.

I’d mentioned a few episodes ago how we’re “forking” into at least two different societies at this point—those who worship the vaccine and those who don’t. Hopefully you can see what I’m talking about now. We’re going to need our version of everything sometime soon—from airlines, grocery stores, even hospitals and schools. I’m really curious how medical care is going to hold up under the mandatory vaccination push. Leg cut off in a bad car wreck and need emergency surgery to save your life? Well, unfortunately you didn’t get the vaccine, so we’re not going to be able to help you right now. That sounds like an impossible scenario but I imagine we’ll be seeing something along those lines in certain states or countries within a year. It will be really interesting to see how hospitals in the free states—like Florida or Texas—handle some inevitable boycotts from their pharmaceutical vendors. “Oh, you don’t make your patients get a coronavirus vaccine? Well we’re running short on anesthetics and have to prioritize them from healthy patients—you know, those who stand the most chance of living through their coronavirus infection?” It’s going to be real interesting to see how that plays out. Scary stuff, I know and I’m making light of it here but these are the scenarios we have to think about given that so few people seem capable of rational thought anymore.

Like a lot of you, I’m still looking to see which way certain states are going to go regarding mandatory vaccines. Besides the extremely liberal states, many others are probably trying to sit it out for now and hope that private industry can do their dirty work for them. I’m sure you’ve seen a few establishments here and there in otherwise “free” states post vaccination requirements. There will be more of this of course. I just caught wind of someone who was disinvited from their monthly poker night because they were unwilling to disclose their vaccination status. Weddings, vacations, funerals, jobs, concerts, conferences—all kinds of things are eventually going to depend on your vaccination status. So strange to see what the nightmare scenario I used to imagine years ago playing out right in front of us.

One of the other things I’m keeping an eye on is cash. Cash—the currency of freedom, they say. And because it is the currency of freedom, you can guarantee the powers that be are not going to support it for long. Now some of you might say “Bitcoin” or “Ethereum” or some other cryptocurrency but I think those will also end up controlled in some way. Even if you don’t know much about cryptocurrency, I’m sure you’ve heard people mention Bitcoin or the term blockchain. All you need to know is they involve digital currencies that are designed to be de-centralized in such a way that governments and banks can’t control them. This is a very good thing. I’m a huge fan of cryptocurrencies as an alternative payment system that negates the grubby hands of government and banking systems. As an investment? Not so much, but as a decentralized payment system that allows for anonymous transactions, I’m all for it.

The problem is, governments and banking institutions are going to try very hard to cause problems. They will come out with their own version of Bitcoin, like China has, and come up with some reason that this currency is necessary. They may continue to stir up controversy by saying Bitcoin is the currency of hackers and terrorists and that all kinds of horrible things are being funded using them. They will block and hassle the vendors that make cryptocurrencies easier to use. They may even block Bitcoin related traffic outright, forcing anyone who wants to use it through private networks and other technological hurdles. This is already happening in the United States. You can see many in government are uncomfortable with people being able to buy things without them knowing about it. For our safety, they will say, as they always do. I’m not saying there aren’t ways around all of this, but if there is a technology that severely lessens the power of government and banking institutions, you can guarantee there will be extreme resistance to it.

A few years ago, I proposed a new Constitutional amendment to protect Americans from just the kind of medical tyranny we are seeing right now. The founding fathers could have never imagined a world in which an entire industry yielded so much power over our government—dominating them so completely that they could force their products into citizen’s bodies in the name of public health. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get this amendment off the ground, and it’s still something that will need to be pursued, obviously, in the next iteration of America, whatever that ends up looking like.

I’ve thought a lot about what a new & improved version of the U.S. Constitution might look like and cash is another thing that is missing. Like medical tyranny, the founding fathers could have never envisioned a world in which each and every financial transaction was recorded and monitored for its purpose and participants. Had they known that was a possibility, they would have certainly forbidden it. They were extremely wary of the tendency of government authorities to abuse any power granted to them and giving the government control over any and all financial transactions would certainly be something they would have seen as incompatible with a free society.

Like all of the rights we enjoy as a free society, there are costs. Yes, hackers will be able to demand ransom payments anonymously. Yes, terrorists may be able to fund something horrible without it being detected. But that has gone on for time eternal and throughout the history of the world, no people have ever been terrorized by terrorists more than they’ve been terrorized by their own governments.

So because of that, I’m adding another amendment to my proposed Next America constitution. The government must provide an anonymous, unmonitored, untracked currency through which financial transactions may be completed freely. The government should not prevent the development or maintenance of private currencies. It is none of their business, no matter how much they scare you into believing otherwise. Just like trying to control the medical care of citizens, there will only be more harm and suffering to come from it. And that is my incredible opinion.

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