The last week, even the last 48 hours, have featured some rapid developments in the interesting direction our world, or more specifically—their world—is going in. I really have some other topics I’m dying to talk about, plus a few listener emails I want to address, but the coronavirus situation is escalating quickly and it’s tough not to say anything about it.

As hysteria over the newest variant-du-jour continues to build, Greece, France, and England have made announcements regarding the future of your life in their countries if you refuse to submit to vaccination. In France, there were massive anti-vaxxer protests—tens of thousands of people—that filled the streets, angry about proposals to make health workers take these experimental gene therapy shots. I’ve always said that it’s the nurses that catch on to this stuff long before the doctors do. They’re the ones on the front lines that comfort suffering patients and get sneezed on when someone is sick. And so it is in France, as medical workers and those who care for them formed huge parades of people showing their refusal to submit to coronavirus vaccines.

France is a democracy of sorts, but the populace often votes with their feet, their fists, and their voices in ways that don’t show up in the voting booth. The French love a good protest and will not hesitate to skip work to make their opinions known about things. France’s president was so impressed with their protests he evidently backed off from the initial requirement, but I think he is walking that back already and it’s clear he was just trying to defuse the crowd.

In England, Monday was “Freedom Day,” when all coronavirus-related restrictions were supposed to have been lifted—a day that had already been pushed back a month once before, but this time it apparently actually happened. In a disturbing development, the prime minister of England, Boris Johnson used this occasion—“Freedom Day”—to suggest that in two month’s time, having a negative coronavirus test would not be enough to gain entry into certain venues. He said that you would have to be double-jabbed in order to get in. That means it doesn’t matter if you’re completely healthy, and apparently, it doesn’t matter if you’ve already developed immunity to Covid-19. No matter what, you will have to have the vaccine to get into certain type venues—a list of which will be sure to grow quickly.

One of the most disturbing quotes to come out of the conference is when Mr. Johnson said, “Some of life’s most important pleasures and opportunities are likely to be increasingly dependent on vaccination.” Can you imagine saying that, as president of a country, and not have some reservations about what that implies?

The White House press secretary suggested that the people who tell Joe Biden what to say are also telling Facebook what to say, or more specifically, what Facebook allows you to say. This seems extremely concerning to those of us who value the freedoms America once provided. The statement was creepy, like she said it on accident and didn’t really mean to let everyone know that’s what is going on but as it often is the case with Marxist takeovers, they have no shame or sense of guilt about what they are doing. They think they have the moral high ground and, as a result, don’t hold back or apologize in the least.

I’ve seen a few people parade around some charts showing the number of cases from the Delta variant of coronavirus increasing but the number of deaths NOT increasing as if that’s scientific evidence the vaccines are working. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that they’re no longer able to count motorcycle accidents and falling off your ladder as COVID deaths? Maybe it has something to do with since Trump is no longer in office, doctors can now prescribe therapeutic medicine again to help treat their patients. Remember that last year, pharmacies were refusing to fill prescriptions for certain medicines because Tony Fauci told them not to. What good is a vaccine if no one’s afraid of the virus? Maybe they’ll start finding flu and pneumonia deaths again. I suppose it’s likely they’ll appear out of thin air this winter, just in time to prove how effective the vaccines are at reducing COVID mortality.

As bad as the situations are in France and England and a few other countries, you should be extremely thankful the United States was set up the way it was—as an organization of states, rather than just a nation. Our federal government has far more power now than they were ever supposed to get—a problem that will eventually need to be fixed, hopefully not violently—but regardless, the whole point of the federation of states that the USA is designed around is to provide some elasticity and flexibility to varying beliefs. In a perfect world, the federal government has limited power and it is up to the states to rule on important things (besides war, treaties, and international trade).

Even with the ridiculously out of control federal government we must deal with, the system does still work—to an extent. Some states will resist the mandatory vaccines and masking and they will attract those of us who treasure our liberty above most other things. Hopefully, these states will repel those people who are too terrified to leave their house and wake up each morning hoping the government will save them from certain death. We will likely have a few choices of where to go, should things come to that and I’m guessing for many of us, things will come to that.

Know your presidents.

You can just sense the Delta variant hysteria building and I’m guessing it won’t be long before a state governor throws his hat down and says, “We’re going back to lockdowns.” Once that happens—even in just one state—all of the other effeminate governors will immediately collapse under the weight of groupthink and order their states to do the same. Keep an eye on this—it will likely determine which way states are going to break on the whole mandatory vaccine issue. If the state where you live goes back on a promise not to do any more lockdowns, you can almost guarantee that state will try to make vaccination mandatory eventually. If you are lucky and live in a state where they don’t, and despite the screaming and hissing from other states and public health officials and celebrities, the politicians stay strong and refuse to bend the knee to hysteria and fear-mongering, well then, you might make it without having to move.

I live in North Carolina and have an effeminate governor who is so eager to please those around him I can almost guarantee he will make some executive orders to get people to start wearing masks again, social distance again, and make sure to have plexiglass shields between you and the people you buy your groceries from. Like a moth to a flame, they just can’t resist the feeling of speaking words and making people do their bidding. Mask wearing has never done anything to prevent the spread of a virus but ironically seems to encourage its spread (through touching things after pulling, tugging, and adjusting your mask all the time).

If some of these states ramp back up their COVID-prevention measures, I don’t think they are likely to go back anytime soon. I think it will be permanent, or at least for a few years. I think they will hold in place until they can get mandatory vaccination executive orders enacted. If North Carolina puts these measures in place again, I think it will be time to start looking for a free state to call home. I hope that doesn’t happen, but it is something I’ve prepared for.

Unfortunately, this all has to happen. It needs to happen. I see people talking about vaccine passports and badges and bracelets as medical apartheid or segregation—as if that’s a bad thing. We need to break up—badly. This nation we live in can really no longer call itself a nation. We can’t protect our borders, we can’t agree on some of the most basic concepts expressed within our founding documents, and a large percentage of the people that live within our borders would destroy this nation if they could. That is not the composition of a functioning nation and it’s just a matter of time before other people begin to accept that.

As a patriotic American, it was very difficult for me to accept, but once I finally did and let go of what we once were, it allowed me to look to the future with optimism and excitement. We need to break up. We are in a dysfunctional relationship and are being used to sustain an economy by a parasite that hates us and wishes we were dead. So, I don’t mind the notion of anything which will help us quickly identify which side people belong. The masks are helpful in that way—they quickly let you know which side someone sits.

So as I’ve said before, sleep with your sandals on. I’m guessing the COVID restrictions are not far off for some of us in certain states, and depending on the way things go, mandatory vaccinations may not be far behind. The other side has never espoused a “live and let live” attitude, so I would make plans now for them making our lives very difficult. This MIGHT mean disruptions to food supplies, medicine, and other public utilities. I’m not saying you need to go full-on prepper madman, but it wouldn’t hurt to start thinking of how well you are equipped to handle difficulty. And that is my incredible opinion.

The author disavows all violence—political, racial, and otherwise. Do not use any My Incredible Opinion® material or videos to inspire you or anyone else to commit violence. Instead, persuade and convince with nice words.